Summit Township Fire Department



Summit Township Fire Department strives to achieve a high level of life and property safety through the efficient and effective delivery of fire suppression, emergency medical, fire prevention and fire education services.

Line of Duty Deaths:  January 20, 2005         Captain Scott Thornton

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Fire Department Personnel

Fire Chief: Tim McEldowney              Deputy Chief: Scot Harvey

Full Time Staff: 

    A Shift                                      B Shift                                               C Shift
    Scott Stoker:  Captain/EMT     Brian Ledford: Captain/EMT-P        Matt Shaw:  Captain/EMT-P
    Aaron Osburn:  Lt./EMT-P      Jim Warner: Lt./EMT-B                     Todd Moore:  Lt./EMT-P
    Steve Todd:  FF/EMT              Brian Terry:  FF/EMT-P                   Aaron Cartwright:  FF/EMT-S
    B.J. Warner:  FF/EMT             Pat Syrek:  FF/EMT                          John Gonzales:  FF/EMT
    Larry Witkowski: FF/EMT      Scott Schiel: FF/EMT

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Paid on Call Firefighters:
       Kyle Heins
       Mike O'Rourke
       Ross Emerson
       Michael Rudolph
       Keith Nebelung

Support Firefighters:
       Jerry F. Kennedy
       Bill Warner Sr.